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its most likely a bandwidth capacity problem. all the symptoms are there..

its during north american/canadian internet 'rush hour' 8p-2a est

it seems to happen when your listener count gets high.

how many listener slots do they provide for your stream and how full is it when you start to experience problems?

im curious, do you have a shoutcast admin page where you can log in to your DNAS that hosted by radionomy?

there most definitely is a listener limit, but seeing as they have a shared hosting type of setup as ive only been able to find 2 different hosts they use for their customers, this limit can vary for any and all stations running on the same host.

its called over subscribing, and just about every hosting company and ISP does it.

the idea is they take on more customers than they can support having resources for because generally, not every customer will be utilizing all of the resources in their quota.

if everyone on comcast maxed out their downstrem internet with downloads all at the same time, it would probably break in spectacular fashion.

this is why the internet slows down during peak usage. if everyone truely had dedicated bandwidth, this really wouldnt happen.

so theres a good chance that when your station is experiencing high listener counts, so are other stations hosted on the same server, thus using more bandwidth..

the NIC on the server thats providing the hosting can only support so much...

standard NICs come in 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G.

they are also limited by the amount of upstream bandwidth they have from their ISP.

both of these are the same host

with open ports on

8000/tcp open
8001/tcp open
8080/tcp open

this one lives at a different IP but could also be on the same host

with open ports on

8000/tcp open
8001/tcp open

the only thing ive been able to find at the above hosts are icecast servers.. thats right.. icecast. let that sink in for a moment...
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