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1. Exec:

Plainly execute the called string, be it some application, console or file.

2. ExecWait:

Executes like Exec but waits till the process exits.

3. ExecShell:

What is it for?

4. nsExec::Exec:

Just like Exec or ExecWait but only for command prompt and that too without opening the console window. I am unsure if it waits for process to exit. Does nsExec::Exec wait for child process to exit?

5. nsExec::ExecToLog:

The documentation says ExecToLog is similar to plain nsExec but it outputs to log window. What does that mean, what is a log window?

6. nsExec::ExecToStack:

The documentation says ExecToStack is similar to plain nsExec but it pushes output to stack. I get that.

7. ExecDos:

Same as nsExec::ExecToStack but it additionally (Is it not?)

a) takes string parameter that serves as stdin for running application.
b) works in both sync/async mode.
c) it works out of section - for .onInit check outs.

8. ExecCmd:

Same as ExecDos but it doesn't require these

ExpandEnvStrings $3 %COMSPEC%
ExecDos::exec /C

parts. Am I correct?
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