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MP3 Encoder metadata glitch

A few years ago, prior to moving to England, I digitized my entire CD collection (all legally purchased) to 320k MP3s using Winamp. Some tracks were incorrectly labelled with no track number -- for example, on Radiohead's Hail To The Thief, "I Will" and "A Wolf At The Door" had the correct track, album and artist name, but no #. I edited the metadata in Winamp as well as the file properties in Windows to reflect the right # but the songs still appear in the wrong order in my Winamp Media Library -- they appear first, above the rest of the album's tracks (all correctly numbered). More importantly, this incorrect order appears when I copy the album to two different MP3 players (iPod and Creative Zen).

This glitch only occurred for about 10% of the albums I digitized but it's still annoying and I haven't found a solution... other than re-ripping those albums, which are currently sitting in storage in Canada.

Help would be much appreciated.

I am running Winamp Pro 5.623 and MP3 Encoder v1.36 on a Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit.
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