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It sounds like you got some duff data from Gracenote. Easy to clean up without need to re-rip.

First get hold of MP3TAG from . A nice little German tool which lets you get closer to what your TAGS are really doing. I'd then load up each "bad" album in this program and set the track numbers cleanly. Make sure it is using a clean numbering system in the TRACK tag.

Next check the actual physical file names. Have these got track numbers in them? Are they correct? Make corrections to anything that does not look perfect.

Once done you may need to update Winamp. If you have changed filenames then you will need to locate the album in Winamp's Library View and delete it. Then readd the album (drag and drop of the single album may be quickest).

Note: You don't really need to use MP3TAG but it is a great tool to have. You can do similar in Winamp. Example: Worth through the tracks for Hail to the Theif one by one checking the "View File Info" for those tracks. Correct any errors you see. Specifically make sure you have those Track Numbers in a clean way.

It is actually possible to select the WHOLE album in one go and then Right Click / View File Info. This lets you step through each track correcting the data. And as long as you hit OK after each track it will then open up the next track ready for you.

I have just had a quick look at my rip of Hail to the Thief. Both my MP3 rips and FLAC rips of that album have clean data. Don't remember if I was editing this myself. But it is noticeable that the later FLACs have a different Genre category

Once you have made changes to metadata - especially if outside of winamp - it is a good idea to select the album(s) and RIGHT CLICK \ READ METADATA ON SELECTED ITEMS to make sure it really updates winamp.
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