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I've always used Winamp Pro to Rip. Originally MP3s, then moved to FLAC with the HiFi upgrade. I would say that Gracenote seems about 95% good with my CDs. It is just a few more obscure things like the Ozric Tentacles that didn't pick up. I also have some bootleg CD albums which I know I was uploading the correct data TO Gracenote.

Generally my habit is to rip the album to FLAC, then run through the tracks by hand checking them track by track. There are also typos in the Gracenote data at times. As well as a few odd things in the comment fields. It is at this same time I then sort out the artwork. All this being done as the next CD is being ripped. Can get quite a good production line going.

The "Edit metadata for Selection" can be a great time saver for correcting tags common to a whole album. Or getting capitalisation corrected when you find artist or album names in lower case.

Sorting by "Album Artist" assumes you only have a single copy of each album in your collection. So it mixes my MP3 and FLAC rips in a confused manner for my collection. This then gets even more confusing as I have multiple copies of Dark Side Of The Moon. (Just looked and found ten of them. Need to throw some of those out I think )
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