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the main reason i don't use winamp to rip, is that it doesn't support accuraterip. given that you are interested in sound quality, i am surprised you do not require this feature.

i should point out that EAC not only doesn't use gracenote, but doesn't use any online DB for tracknumbers, or at least thats what i think. honestly, it doesn't make sense for a ripper to use a DB for track numbers. that info is static and provided by the discs TOC.

also, i can't see paying for ripping to mp3, (the free ver will rip to FLAC). and i would rather rip with one online DB for tags, while my manager uses another, which helps to catch errors in the DBs.

i can also have an alternate scheme for comps, and EAC will let me easily change data prior to the rip, for either tracks or the whole album. i find it easier than winamp.

i do use winamp to fix tags afterwards, but usually it isn't needed, except for removing disc tags. i usually do maint in winamp on one CD while EAC is ripping another.

i occassionally have more than one copy of the same album in my collection, but i differentiate them using the album tag. i would find it problematic to always browse by filepath, but i can certainly see why you do.

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