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@MrSinatra: we are dragging this thread off topic. I keep my CDs on the shelf so Winamp's FLAC rip is "good enough". And when I hear the odd blip from a mucky CD I just re-rip. The quality difference is still there compared with MP3. It is just that odd click that can occur from a fingerprint or scratch that accuraterip would catch.

I tend to keep my CDs stubbornly clean and always in their case. So they are all still in pretty good nick.

Gracenote is also "good enough" for me in most cases. Quicker to fill data in and check for errors than to have to type it all in by hand. I can get into quite a good routine when ripping lots of CDs.

As to Winamp's MP3 ripping licence. I pay for this not just so I can rip to MP3 or convert my FLAC to MP3, but mainly so I can support the development of the product. For my longest used piece of software I think they deserve the small fee. Same with shareware, plugins, etc. If the product is useful then it is worth a donation. (Though I have probably sent more cash to DrO for his plugins than Winamp over the years)

I may only have a forum join date of 2008, but I have been using Winamp since 1998/9. So I think it has paid for itself by now.
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