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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
I occasionally have more than one copy of the same album in my collection, but I differentiate them using the album tag. I would find it problematic to always browse by filepath, but I can certainly see why you do.
Having FLAC and MP3 versions on the same PC means I still need the file path sort. Otherwise I'd need to add the FLAC\MP3 bit into the album name which would just look uncomfortable to me.

LoL!!! Just noticed that "Dark Side Of The Moon" and "The Dark Side Of The Moon" are sorted as if there is no leading "The".

I make a huge use of the SEARCH field. And having the File Path on screen means I can search by Audio File Type. Example: typing FLAC immediately hides all the MP3, M4A and other rubbish that lurks in my collection and shows me only FLAC. Then I hit space and type the album, artist, or whatever I am looking for.

The flexibility of Winamp is excellent.
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