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Exclamation Temp path problem with UAC Plugin

I am using the UAC plugin, I am testing with W7. My installer needs to drop a file on windows temp folder and execute it as user so I have something like this:

SetOutPath $Temp
File "build.exe"
!insertmacro UAC_AsUser_ExecShell "" "$Temp\build.exe" "" "" ""

The problem is that the build.exe file is not being executed, it works if I use $DESKTOP or any other folder that wont change depending on the user level. So I suspect the error is that, the file build.exe is being dropped in C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp (i can confirm this browsing the folder), and UAC_AsUser_ExecShell tries to execute it on C:\Users\normaluser\AppData\Local\Temp (i cant confirm this but i dont know what else could cause the file to not execute)

I don't want to drop the files on the desktop or some folder like that, i wanted to use temp because I dont want to delete the file since i wont know when it ends the execution and didnt want to handle that.

Is there any solution to this?
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