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AVS overlay/fullscreen failing on windows 7

AVS plugin won't show when going either fullscreen OR overlay mode.

The little window with the visualization works good, but when going fullscreen or overlay I only see the "overlay color" (#1F000F), even when trying to go fullscreen with overlay mode disabled, all I see is that color.

I already tried with clean winamp installation (uninstalled, removed all "winamp" folders on hd and restarted pc, then installed latest winamp from

Video: GeForce GT 610 Driver version 320.18
Cpu: AMD FX 6300 (6 core)
Directx: updated with
Winamp version: Winamp 5.64 Jun 26 2013
Also tried with this version, same problem: winamp57_3437_beta_full_all.exe
Windows: 7 Ultimate SP1 non modified, all updates installed

Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks.
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