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Sorry, I know very little about Perl scripts, tho' I'm intrigued to know how ya actually go about doin' this !
Is there any way to configure the script to make Winamp open with the "Random" button switched "ON" ?
I don't quite understand your problem with the playlist URL.
What do you mean by "if I send an m3u . . . winamp ignores it" ?
Simply upload the m3u playlist on your server and use it as the link file to be opened & played in Winamp (with Random button ON)
[nb: do not click - not a valid URL]
Winamp supports both m3u & pls playlists, so as long as the playlist has been created properly [with no dead links], then there shouldn't be any problems.
Open the m3u in Notepad & make sure the http paths to each song are correct.

As I say, I'm not too sure if I fully understand the question/problem, so maybe some of you coders out there can come along & provide David with a more suitable solution.
Anyone ?

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