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Maybe deguix will make some more of them just for us! ;-)
Sorry, right now I can't, I'm working more on InstallOptionsEx project than even using NSIS. But I don't expect to make plugins, just to modify already existant ones to gain experience.

would be nice to have some combination of a splash with that progressbar, since i'd be interested in using a ui like this progress-bar (with an image above).
Hmmm... I think you can run the loading bar first (with Wait command and use System plugin to position the loading bar below the image (or somewhere else). Anyways, it's ever better to have a plugin to do all that for you, isn't it?

Is there a way to change the UI so it shows another progress bar under it?
You can't do that without creating another plugin. However you could make show the banner bigger enough to support the original appearance of instfiles page when using NSISdl (without the buttons).

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