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Application that extends Winamp with lots of new features for broadcasters

On a local radio station where I have worked full-time and now part-time, we are still playing with winamp. But in a past 10 years, every free time I had, I was upgrading an external application that interacts with Winamp. This is my baby :-)
In past there was no ML for winamp so there was a need to build one,.........
And now this app with close synergy with winamp contains everything that an average radio station needs, like: Jingle players, Sweepers, pre-play (PFL) in another player, speak in, vocals, own playlist editor (that is hooked to winamp playlist), interpolation of pre-prepared blocks of commercials, playlists. Works in a networked environment with own central database, central Media Lirary. It tracks played items, has its own playlist generator based on pre-prepared groups of playlist, every module can Drag&Drop from/to external app and to winamp, you can generate various reports and much, much more......

At the beginning I thought to create a plug-in, but when I figured how many features should be added, the idea of ​​a separate application that communicates with Winamp would be more appropriate. So if for some reason, any segment of code in my application crashes, Winamp is still playing, although some segments are much, much more difficult to implement outside of Winamp. Also it would be much easier to take some commercial player control and make the player do all in it embrace, but respect and love for Winamp, its robustness and stability I have never regretted that I chose the harder way.
It only works with winamp.

If you want to play with it you can download it from (don't know if it can be put in winamp plug-in direcory), also if you find some bugs or have some idea write it here or in forum.

Hope you will find it usefull
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