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Lol, you're absolutely right....

I tried this in a desperate attempt to force disabling of AOT (in the icon settings): C:\tools\Winamp\winamp.exe -aot 0.. totally forgot about it.

Thanks for the heads up, at least I don't have to reinstall Winamp again (I've already got 5.666 build 3516. I'll get those .dll patches though.

Thanks for the help

I guess this thread has turned into a feature request: ability to enable AOT when Winamp is in Winshade/Docked mode.

There's one bug in all of this that I managed to find (can't be a feature). When it's in Winshade/Docked format and I close Winamp, it changes the AOT-setting in the .ini-file from 0 to 1. I see no logical reason for that except that Winamp writes it's state into the .ini and unfortunately sets AOT=0 to AOT=1.

ps. disabling Always On Top in the options (ctrl+A doesn't work to toggle it on/off though) while in Winshade/dock-mode DOES work, it just won't remember it after closing winamp and starting it again.
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