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xliner78, not quite sure what you want

PHP script is something that runs on a server. NSIS installer runs on the local computer.

But if you actually want to invoke a PHP script on the server, from your local NSIS installer, then you have to send a HTTP request to the server and store/evaluate the corresponding HTTP response. Parameters may be passed in the "query string" part of the URL.

Look into the Inetc plug-in!


If you actually want the installer EXE to have the "customer data" built-in, it would be a pretty bad idea to just append this extra data to the finished EXE file. Instead, pass it to MakeNSIS via /D switch when you compile the installer! For example, if you pass /DFoo=Bar to MakeNSIS when compiling the installer, then you can get the passed value ("Bar") by using ${Foo} placeholder inside the installer script.

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