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Has anyone noticed that AVS doesn't work for **** in Windows 7?

I'm a Winamp user for a VERY long time. When I discovered the AVS visualizer at least 10 years ago I was so happy because it was so unbelievably cool. I haven't used Winamp for a while, but today I decided to restart using it after getting tired of WMP, and I was very sad to see the pathetic state of instability the AVS visualizer is into. It seriously doesn't work at all, keeps crashing, presets have missing effects, it crashes when changing presets or using the editor.

Why? Is there any way to fix it? I tried it in a virtual machine with XP and it works fine there. I think it's really a shame that it's no longer compatible with Win7 and everything you do makes it crash, I can't believe nobody has noticed or complained about this before.
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