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AVS has always been unstable, it just shows up more so on Vista / Windows 7. there was a v2.83 which seemed to resolve the stability issue on Windows 7 but the AVS community bitched (mainly in the AVS sub-forum) that it broke their presets so v2.81d was put back in. you'd need to find an older Winamp installer which shipped with v2.83 and using 7-zip to extract out the vis_avs.dll and use that.

as for users like yourself, hardly anyone has taken the time to post about it in the forums (no idea about via the site feedback). either way, you're either looking at a version that should work but doesn't show the presets as the authors would like (if you could even tell to begin with) or use a broken version that does the presets in the correct way - the choice is yours (and just reinforces something i've been trying to push to get AVS taken out of the main installer by default and just include either version so the one needed can be selected for those who do still want to use it).

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