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the normal culprits i've found tend to be ml_disc (cd burning component) and ml_wire (podcast support). ml_wire would consistantly hang my XP Winamp install on the first run but then would be fine on subsequent runs but i was never able to work out the cause of it.

most often closing issues are down to some sort of race-condition or conflict between the order in which things are closing down so unfortunately its a trial and error job to work out what might be the cause on your install.

also there have been changes made to the timeout handling when starting up instances of Winamp probably 2+ years ago which might be related though those changes improved a lot of startup issues other people had been having as the new instance will generally wait for an existing instance to close before it starts if it's not able to pass the file to play to the existing instance (ie when it's closing). however like you've mentioned it shouldn't be taking so long.

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