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You dont wanna know how stupid i feel, spent hours online looking into issue and it didnt came to my mind that chip manufacturer could have newer drivers, altho its only way i could get few laptops fully operational in windows 7. Of course new drivers helped and hangs are gone.

On the issue of windows drivers:
I dont get front panel as extra sound sound device until i check "independed headphone" option in via software. By default its on "redirected headphone" which mimics the sound of default sound optup. But without VIA drivers no sound is routed to front panel.

And on microphone issue. Its technically working, but noone is able to hear me, as i need to use +20db boost. Problem with windows is that for some reason nothing happened after i "boosted" it, heck even 30 didnt do anything and no, mic wasnt muted and its volume was set to 100. System restart did no good. Only driver instal and "boosting" in via provided software. After VIA software was instaled windows was able to control microphone normaly.

Sorry for OT and thank you for your help!
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