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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
ah, I remember that thread, I think was something related to some GaretJax or Koopa or Mike-db skins, but it's not the case here, I do my homework and all files are on the "main directory", no subfolders
It probably doesn't matter, but there is a subfolder with Radiance. It's named "_not used" and contains a "frame_generic.png" that is different than the one in the top level folder.

Thanx for the info on the touchscreen version and how desktop alpha works with your skins. None of my other skins seemed to use alpha effects, so I had disabled it long ago. Sounds like it's time to try it again.

I do slightly rename my skin folders and wsz and wal files in order to have a neat alphanumeric listing in Winamp's skins context menu. This has not caused problems for me before, but it's good to know that it could and something else to check when weirdness occurs.

Also, it sounds like you're getting close to the point of letting the beta testers loose on an internal version (considering all you've done in the last few months).

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