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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
And the overlap thing is an engine problem only made worst by me by forcing the upcase.. you can revert it back to "normal" (which for me is a bit too small to see..) opening ClassicPro.xml inside the skin folder and changing line 31 forceupcase="1" to forceupcase="0".
I changed forceupcase back to "0", bumped up the fontsize from "13" to "16", and renamed & substituted the "Ebrima" true type font for "Century Gothic" (they are very similar). The result is clear, larger text in the header labels without any overlap (unless the overall SUI is narrower than the width needed to display all the active headers). I usually only display 4 to 6 headers at a time.

I like to tinker with things too.

So now, with the overlap and loading issues dealt with, it's back to finding my favorite color theme. cPro's multi-button makes it very easy to cycle thru the choices. Thank you for what you do to keep skinning alive.

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