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Originally Posted by mattauckland View Post
So can I get the info from the DNAS live, and log that myself at my end?
yes as that is what a lot of the reporting companies / tools do for tracking things.

Originally Posted by mattauckland View Post
As I understand it DNAS only says you have 4 people (for example) listening. But nothing detailed like IP's and such.

So to determining when one of those 4 people is a new person is not possible.
I suggest you look at the docs and the ones which detail the xml / json responses as they disprove most of the comments you've just made and show what information you can actually get. as there is enough information provided to allow you to determine new listeners, existing listeners and finished listeners (specifically with the 'uid' value).

it's just how often you query the DNAS as to how quickly you would then pick up new / stopped listeners. especially as the more listeners you have, the greater the potential impact it will have on the DNAS responsiveness.
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