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Here it is...

I want to say the following; In short my time is no longer remotely attached to anything relating to winamp. I had a few sparks over the past year; nothing ever has come of those sparks. I tried collaboration a time or two with some others from the community both past and present.

I've finally, found that my contributions are no longer worthwhile in continuing. I may visit in the near future and will keep 1001skins running.

Beyond, that however; I have decided to move on. I don't use winamp and haven't for years. Though, it has a special place in my heart.

I am not saying goodbye as the future has never been so clear for me. I do miss many people that used to frequent this little neck of the woods.

I bow my hat to all that have stayed, all the leer out from the corners and will remember you all with fondness.


A Special Salute to:
1. Mr. Jones - Yes I am an asshat; and have always been really appreciative of you.
2. Peacemaker - Always awesome; will def. miss our conversations.
3. Axlar (Forever The Only Lynx) - Nice times; def miss ya.
4. Ampburner - Damnit man. (you made me step up)
5. Cyana - ::sniff::
6. Mike-DB - you have always been your own man; you good.
7. StillWater - ~ Damnit man. (you made me step up)
8. Forevever - Miss ya lady.
9. Dr0 - c++ pfft....hahahah
10. Victhor - Wow you really arrived late and still made a huge impact.
11. simon snowflak - I prefer flak not flake.
12. Duk - Miss ya dude
13. PJN123 - Thank You for all the times you pointed my ignorance in the right dir.
14. Luigi - You know who you are. Good Job.
15. Flatmatt - heh; so may awesome moments...
16. Bullgawd - bwuahahaha
17. RajIO - thank you.
18. NiNi - miss ya.

And so many more, my god...really so many more. 15 years of skins....

If I didn't write your name, sorry those are the ones I could remember and after all this time; I do believe my old ass is starting to slip. The best part of my days doing these skins, posting and working with all of you.

I've learned, I've banged my head, and now I do believe, I'm out of the game altogether.

Thank You,

Joe Garrett

p.s. jaxsux |
That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.
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