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Some of my unfinished stuff for anyone that may want them:

There are not that many...yet. I found these as I was rummaged my drive and cleaning up; Most of this Volume are in PNG format and are not yet suitable for usage in winamp. They in many cases are main window only and require more work in order to complete them.

I've also, included the source images for preslice and rarewood. The PSD for these skins was lost long ago.

I have found a plethora of additional drives labeled skins on them; and I will see what they have but, as my skins age so my skill at them was even worse than these.


All my skins published or not are forever more released to anyone freely, with or without source. Remixed, Repackaged, Re-Published to do however, whatever and wherever you want with them. They all are forever belonging to the public; I claim nothing of them and source attribute everyone.
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That's not a skin, it's some god awful piece of skinner gunk.
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