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The code goes something like this:


!define IE_NETCONFIG "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings"

Function DownloadFile
ReadRegDWORD $9 HKCU "${IE_NETCONFIG}" "SecureProtocols"
WriteRegDWORD HKCU "${IE_NETCONFIG}" "SecureProtocols" 0x00000A80

inetc::get "" "$INSTDIR\"

#do stuff

# Restore IE settings to original value
WriteRegDWORD HKCU "${IE_NETCONFIG}" "SecureProtocols" $9

Code "0x00000A80" for the SecureProtocols DWORD value in the IE registry is the default when you reset settings. TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 are all turned on by default.

It's just simple enough to restore the value to whatever it was after you're done using the plug-in. I don't wanna figure out how to AND on the bit to just turn on TLS 1.2 and leave it on... That's the only protocol I needed on for that particular link to work.

I turned a lot of IE settings off cause I don't trust the browser and only use it for testing/development, so that's how I ran into this problem myself. I'm surprised this plug-in has a dependency to IE like this, I would've hoped it just uses the winsock API directly to get the job done, but free is free.
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