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It's not hard, but it is precise. Here is a step-by-step to get you started.

1. Create one single "Music Box" -- Name it "Music" or anything you want.
2. Upload all of your tracks into it. (200 or so)
3. Add that "box" to one "clock" called "Day".
4. Add "Day" to one "Day Template".
5. Finally, drag that one "DayTemplate" to each day on the calendar under the "Planning" tab.

I end up just working my way left to right through "Audio" "Clocks" "Day Templates" "Planning".

Next you should set up advertisement fillers. If you don't, the planner will plug in some randomly that are totally foreign to your genre.

6. Find several (at least 6) instrumental tracks (or anything you want) that are precisely 2:00 minutes in length.

7. Create a "filler" box naming it "Filler" or anything you want.
8. Upload your 2:00 minute filler tracks into it.
9. Set the constraints on your filler box to the lowest number allowed.
10. Go to the "Planning" page, look to the right under "Ad screens set up"
11. Select your filler box under "Filler box"
12. Generate your Planning for each day. If you already did it in step 5 above, redo it.
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