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Yes, Bravo Nosti ! :-) Thank you!

That one is the post waiting to be "moderated" since morning.

Who wants to read how I got the advertisements/impressions working again, may just click on the link posted by Nosti.

I will keep monitor if things keep working well. I am not sure about how reliable is what I did to solve the issue, as I don't know what made the impressions/advertisements stop working.

Around 1 year ago I got an email from an ex SHOUTcast/Targetspot team member, asking WHY we had so many persons listening to our streams for many hours.
I think somebody asked him to get clarifications from our side. Of course we couldn't explain why people were listening for a very long time, however we added a setting to disconnect listeners every a certain number hours.

Why I said that? Because recently we had 1 radio channel (out of 16) "flooded" with connections coming from a player called "CURRENT". Is there a chance that someone, without taking the time to investigate, did something to stop the advertisements/impressions on ALL our 16 Radio Stations?

Hopefully we will understand more about this matter.

Thank you.
Best regards
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