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Originally Posted by MRGfm View Post
I hope everybody is doing well, during these difficult times.

I tried to get assistance writing to the TargetSpot and ShoutCast teams, sending several messages to the "partners" e-mail. I see the name of the persons RECEIVING the emails, but they don't have the courtesy (or professionalism?) to reply. Is this the way to run a business? I will probably share their name and last name later on in this post.

The only one who replied is DJEgg, but it looks like this issue doesn't belong to his domains.

--- QUESTION: is everyone having issues with the impressions / advertisements?
Starting 27th August we don't hear anymore advertisements being played. We checked our Radiomanager page, and our radio stations look like having 0 live listeners at anytime (which is not the case). Just wondering if this has something to do with the issue?

I went to the Shoutcast Server DNAS page of each radio station we run, and in fact even though there is the green dollar symbol saying that the Monetization is active, there aren't double dollar symbols close by the connected listeners showing that a certain number of impressions have been played. So, zero impressions sent to listeners.

I suggest you having a look at your and your Targetspot dashboard page... because in a few months, you might have an unpleasant surprise: zero income.

== Your feedback will be much appreciated.

==== SHOUTCAST, TARGETSPOT TEAM MEMBERS ====, if you give assistance regarding this issue at least in this thread, it would be appreciated.

Thank you and regards,
I experience exactly the same issue. Since 1/2 month, all numbers are at 0 on Shoutcast radio manager and Targetspot.

The reason people are filing the problem here is because there is no response from Shoutcast / Targetspot.

version: Centova Cast v3.2.12
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