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Posting the following Unicode char into you forum broke it and truncated my post.

I am building a Unicode installer. I need to write utf-8 to a file. I have searched far and wide an conducted many experiments. FileWrite in states that “(If you are building a Unicode installer, the function converts the string to ANSI/MBCS. The system default ANSI codepage (ACP) is used during the conversion)”. How do I set the system default ANSI codepage?, neither ‘chcp 65001’ [the windows utf-8 code page] before running ‘makensis’ nor while running the installer works.

I  have a utf-8 with ʙᴏᴍ .nsi script. with:

FileOpen $9 '$INSTDIR\test2.txt' w
FileWrite $9 "AÖ•B"
FileClose $9

The file test2.txt ends up with (hex dump):

41 d6 95 42 A..B

Any help much appreciated,

Gene Thomas.
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