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BUG: id3v1 tags added when they shouldn't be

5.581 win7

ok, this is a weird one, so i need some help from the Pro's here, but...

...what i think is happening is this: i use mp3tag to strip ALL id3v1 tags from ALL my files. i use ONLY id3v2.3 tags in my files. for that reason, i have configured winamp to NOT create v1 tags. you can do that when you configure in_mp3 in prefs. on that id3 tab in prefs, thats the only thing UNchecked; so in my winamp setup, winamp is NOT to create v1 tags.

HOWEVER, i am finding files which i KNOW had v1 removed, suddenly have v1 reappear. these are single tracks on albums which i did some minor tag editing on with winamp, like adding a rating or making an edit to the "Composer" field/frame.

winamp should NOT be readding the v1 tag!

i am not sure what edits / changes are causing this, but SOMETHING is, and yes it is winamp, not something else.

can someone, like Egg, please confirm?

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