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i have discovered at least ONE scenario where this bug can be reproduced:

remember, i have configured winamp to NOT create v1 tags. you can do that when you configure in_mp3 in prefs.

so take a file which has v2 tags, but doesn't have v1 tags. then as it plays, click the song ticker, and get the "file info" dialog. then make an edit on the basic info tab, like to the title for instance. even before you save it/click ok, you can click the v1 tab and see that winamp has updated the title field, and put a checkmark in for including v1 tags! if you then click ok, it WILL save the v1 tag to the file, even tho that violates the pref.

so obviously, there is a bug here.

my guess is that isn't the ONLY backdoor way winamp keeps adding v1 tags, so i think there needs to be some kind of bigger solution, where winamp is prevented from reading or writing v1 tags, if the user specifies it, that the app couldn't over-ride, as it does here.

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