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going on what i remember from the source code, it seems to be working as expected with any click causing a close + re-init of the selected dsp entry (noticed it when making the Enhancer DSP wrapper which i thought was the normal behaviour).

there must have been a reason for doing that back when the prefs page was made but i'm not too sure whether it is a bug or more an undesired feature in the scenario you've mentioned. i do agree that ideally clicking on a non-item shouldn't cause that action so will see if that can be logged to be fixed... but otherwise the existing behaviour should remain i think for compatibility (even if it causes plug-ins to crash in a dsp-stacker but that's more something to be fixed in the dsp-stacker i think).

and i've no idea why the SPS window has done that as i'm not able to reproduce it no matter what i've tried.

Now that I've completed this procedure I will again wipe my Winamp install, and wipe my computer of all that annoying CRAP that came with the default install of Winamp and revert to my sane installation. lol I ain't doin' that crap again!
there's a certain level of sensibility needed when doing a clean install test so somethings can still be removed, working on a click next action in those cases isn't something that would be recommended

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