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I am a Dot Net programmer so I was intrigued when I ran across a problem. I added a large chunk of music to my library and every time I opened Winamp it crashed. Since it was a large batch of music I spent sometime whittling it down until I figured out that it was "Attack" by System of a Down that was causing it to crash.

Winamp will not add the file to the library, and it crashes when you attempt to play the file with Winamp. Though it plays fine with any other player. I checked the meta-data and could find nothing un-ordinary.

I found this thread and created an account just to post this. As a programmer it seems weird that a single file could crash the system so easily?? Or that so many people could be having this same problem. If there is a solution I would love to have it. I am running the newest version no addons in Windows 8.1
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