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Screwed -something- up. Help me?

So, with the latest update to winamp, milkdrop disappeared from my visualizations menu. I figured this was perhaps an effect of never updating it, since I installed milkdrop *once*, several years ago. However, it being years ago, I can't quite remember what I did exactly when installing stuff. I thought I was using the basic Milkdrop 1.04 installation, from the winamp website, but it seems I'm not. I've found and 'reinstalled' my favorite presets from, but most of Martin's stuff doesn't work. (I wanted to see 'the Forge of Isengard'.) I'm using 5.61, WindowsXP, and some ATI HD card which is now a few years old.

"Some presets are just black, or don't exhibit movement." I've had a search around the forums, but nothing seems relevant to my situation. The graphics card would seem to be OK, since it worked before. Oh, and the backspace key doesn't move back a preset anymore.

Did I screw up copying my textures over? I feel like I'm using an old version, but... I just downloaded it fresh from the site.

Thank you.
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