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What does this have to do with WinAmp WinAmp is my player of choice... I installed and set up WinAmp2x so I could utilize the Freeb database The install and setup went well but I was expecting to see a different screen in my browser. I still have the blue screen selling CD's for Amazon. I also have WinAmp3 installed and utilizing Gracenote with the same browser screen. This may be correct and both databases may work through the same browser screen (I don't know which is why I asked)
The reason I wanted my Browser set up for Freeb is I use cuesheet search software which utilizes Freeb (Red Indian's) It can be difficult to find the correct cuesheet to cut single file albums. I thought if I used the same database for my player the browser might recognize the correct album and make it easier to find the matching sheet. I have not been able to correlate the browser to the database as of yet Is there a way ???
I have used WinAmp as my player for a lot of years, A player is no longer a stand alone entity , it is integral part of various software to identify, edit & play music. There are other players out there that handle the editing crossover with comparable ease but I stay loyal to WinAmp as much out of respect for Mr Frankel as a comfortable habit. In other words Rocker Kiss my ###
I'll take any help I can get to use my player to help identify my music...Thanks MeCasa
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