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I am using WinAmp 2.91, WinAmp 3 is still installed and functional
When I go to WinAmp Preferences>Playback settings I have CDDB enabled and the following four servers
Which I believe are Freeb servers
When I load an album in WinAmp using add>add dir: the album will play
however when I hit the green icon in the players left top corner
(I never noticed it before the plugin so I assume it is from the plugin) a header appears at the top of the browser, this header says:
Find and Rename Album using the internet
OKAY....Select Function...Cancel
When I press OKAY an error message appears "Unauthorized Client-Please use different Client String" and WinAmp then locks up
As I said the Browser functions but the screen is the same as Gracenote
If you suggest I will uninstall both players and reinstall only 2x and then reinstall Plugin
If AOL does not allow us to discuss these matters then please tell me where to go this is important to me
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