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Hi dude, sorry for inconveniences, but now sc_serv.conf loads well, but changes aint taking effect

here is the log im running on "/" path for both files (executable and config)

04/14/08@11:28:43> [SHOUTcast] DNAS/MacOS_X v1.9.8 (Feb 28 2007) starting up...
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] pid: 733
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] loaded config from sc_serv3.conf
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] initializing (usermax:32 portbase:8000)...
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] No ban file found (sc_serv.ban)
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] No rip file found (
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] opening source socket
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] source thread starting
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] opening client socket
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [source] listening for connection on port 8001
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] Client Stream thread [0] starting
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] client main thread starting
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [main] dns thread starting
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [source] invalid password from
<04/14/08@11:28:43> [source] invalid password from

look that it is loading config from sc_serv3.conf portbase 8000, but sc_serv3.conf was changed to port 8002. changes aint taking effect.

what im i doing wrong? the executable file sc_serv is a unix executable file (powerpc) does it has to do with my trouble?

please advice

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