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Application Configuration Error

I've recently installed a Karaoke program from Sax and Dotty, called "Show Presenter v2008.2.29". Now, when i downloaded it, three mandatory elements must be downloaded as well. Winamp, and 2 plugins - MPb3+g Plugin (Lyrics)-Pacemaker Plugin (Keychange). Now, how it's supposed to work is, you open show presenter, then it should automatically open Winamp. But instead when i open "Show Presenter, nothing happens. I just manually open Winamp. I'm suppose to be able to find the music i want using the search feature in "Show Presenter, which i do, then click on the song i want to play and it should load up and play with the winamp program, but thats not what happens! What happens emmediatly after i click the song i want to play using "Show Presenter", is the - WINAMP NOT FOUND, THIS APPLICATION HAS NOT BEEN CONFIGURED PROPERLY OR THE WINAMP WINDOW HAS BEEN CLOSED! - then i'll click OK, and i'll get another Error saying - APPLICATION INSTALLATION ERROR, SORRY BUT WINAMP DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE INSTALLED. PLEASE INSTALL WINAMP TO IT'S DEFAULT LOCATION OR CONFIGURE THE APPLICATION TO USE A DIFFERENT PATH FROM THE OPTIONS SCREEN.
If anyone can help with this, i would be so thankfull! It's been driving me nuts!
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