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If thats all your looking for, sign up with www.roxu.US and let one of the mods there (other than muahhhh LOL lazy) know your a station. They will provide you with a now playing PHP script, and a nice little page like so to boot.

The php display is Ifraimed, so you can put it on your site (I use the Icecast2 one on mine, because with the last Icecast update, NONE of the old scripts work right.)

heres what they give me, FREE MIND YOU!

Im a big supporter, as its the best independent artist/ caster station/ hosting group I have seen.

While your there, join my group: Tin Can Broadcasters.

ts not a directory for profit site. The guy that runs it, Wildun, is a Hardcore voice in the JLA/ webcaster revolution. Scripted in dolphin all by himself and dedicated to hooking us up with independent artist and small labels that will send broadcasters like us artist demos. 89.1 FM San Diego

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