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Originally Posted by browners32 View Post
can anyone herehelp setting up jazler with shoutcast or samcast or winamp

I want to set this up but I am lost by the manual, tech support are no good from jazler, dispite buying into there product.

They take 4 days plus per email response.
You got already answer for your question. You need to research little to understand how works DSP plugins with Jazler or standalone streaming encoders.

Example: Edcast Winamp DSP encoder (

You have to add on Jazler DSP plugins and to enable and lunch from Jazler settings (this functions are available on Jazler RS2).

It's very simple to use together with Jazler RS2, just research and learn little how to set. SHOUTcast DSP is not compatible with Jazler RS2 because can be lunch only from Winamp (i do not understand this limitation but it is there)
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