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Ohhh. That's what I get for replying at 5:30am
I'd forgotten that f263.w5s is now included with release builds. Is that right? It used to be just beta builds & EP only.
Hmm, ok, fair enough. My bad.

As for using the actual video url....

What browser are you using?

If Firefox, you can install the Download Flash and Video add-on

Then when on the youtube page, click the add-on's icon in the bottom right
and right-click on the FLV item in the list
and select "Copy URL to clipboard"

Then paste that URL into Winamp's open/add URL dialog
and add &=.flv to the end
(so Winamp knows to use the FLV Decoder for playback)


Direct link to FLV C938628%2C939920%2C916626%2C902544%2C909717%2C924616%2C932295%2C936912%2C936910%2C923305%2C936913%2C907231%2C907240%2C921090&id=069cf17ff7e59bc3&mv=m&algorithm=throttle-factor&signature=B07023AFE486F9AA314F0F81CA28293C7165EBD1.971A78E89CA61EABCD0A99BC8ECAD795848282FF&=.flv

Or if you've got Winamp Pro, you can use the MP4 link instead (which is encoded with the H.264 codec instead of H.263 - but H.264 is a Winamp Pro feature)

Direct link to MP4 6626%2C902544%2C909717%2C924616%2C932295%2C936912%2C936910%2C923305%2C936913%2C907231%2C907240%2C921090&id=069cf17ff7e59bc3&mv=m&signature=B6977E57898E696E82F0DB2DBC7514057F2C808F.95D98B8DB586357A66A54D68D77C48FAE0B019CF&=.mp4

Note how I've added &=.mp4 to the end of the url, so Winamp knows to use the MP4 Demuxer

Yes, it's a bit tricky, but that's basically the only way to do it....
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