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Is there any way to set the winamp to 4k?

Is there any way to set the winamp to 4k?
Some plugins not works on Win10 what works on Win7 like pacemaker, HardSID, SIDplay.
I used 2 updates on the winamp (5.666 build 3516):

And I'd like to report 2 problems when I use winamp with Big Bento skin:
1) If the jump to file window open and I write a song name into the line and the program finds it the program goes to the found list of the song BUT the alt+3 doesn't work, I have to click on the found list first and after this the alt+3 works;
2) I can't go directly to the playlist window with keybord combo;

Will an updated version of winamp be available in the near future?

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