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1) Just !define it, and then you can use it where ever you want in the script.

!define NAME blabla
Section asd
MessageBox MB_OK "You are about to install ${NAME}"
Section uninstall
MessageBox MB_OK "You are about to uninstall ${NAME}"

2) Not currently.

3) Every time you get .onNextPage or .onPrevPage you need to use SetBrandingImage to change to current image according to the page you are currently in. That is unless you want to show just one image. If one image is the case, just set it once from .onNextPage.

4) Installation types are specified using the InstType command. You can specify up to 8 installation types, unlessed you have recompiled NSIS with other settings. To specify which section is in which installation type use SectionIn. Have a look at makensis.nsi, it is a good example for this.

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