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ya i set it up to be 0 if there equal cause its a while loop, i guess because its supost to be the sound between the bands, there cant be any sound between band 1 and 1, but i agree it would make sence to return the value of band one... i dont know its prolly not accurate at the one band level.

as for the 512 thing, i just chose that because thats how many elements are in the .fSpecLeft[] array in m_sound that i used to fill my sound[] array for the function, what you where saying makes sence though, when you look at the whole spectrum that sound() returns the bottom seems to move whenever theres music, and the middle seems to be more bass reactive (witch is why i only used like 60-400 or something) if we can narrow down what bands do what, i'll add that to the tooltip in the menu so people will have a better idea of how to use it.

there is a defenet fall off around sample >~400 but it stil returns data(god knows what) i guess it works well enough ( i made a prest with the sound function driving an spectrum in one wave, and md's spectrum(the menu idem in wave code) in another, one on top and one on the bottom, with dy pulling tward y=.5; when the sound function was set up right, they look almost the same, but since you can change the band size when tweeked the sound one looked like it was responding better, i could actualy see when the beat was going down in pitch, it looked hella kool, although there was still some signal bleeding going on, how can i make sin waves to play through MD so i can test myself?

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