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How to stream 2 streams on sc_serv 2

I know it's now possible with sc_trans 2 to stream audio from more than one sc_trans instance, for example music from one sc_trans could be streamed from port 8000 and news from another sc_trans could be streamed on port 8001

But I don't understnad what needs to be in the sc_serv.conf and sc_trans.conf files to make this happen

Is all that's needed to have these lines in sc_serv.conf?

serverport_1 = 8000
serverport_2 = 8001

streammaxuser_1 = 500
streammaxuser_2 = 100
maxuser = 600

Is anything else needed in sc_serv.conf?

And for sc_trans.conf, what is needed in each .conf file for the multiple instances of sc_trans that will be connecting to the singe sc_serv?

Can someone post an example that works?
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