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streampath is a virtual path / address / mountpoint / channel, whatever it can or should be called.

it's just a way clients, etc access the DNAS for specific things (same as with which isn't a real file on the machine, but something the DNAS generates as needed).

so using streampath=/random (note the / at the start), the listener would be provided

but will give the same result of playing stream #1 as accessing

really the streampath configuration is just to make it possible to provide nicer urls if wanted, but in most cases it really doesn't matter and can just be ignored. the even better option is to just provide one of the playlist links e.g. or (or any of the other supported /listen.* urls) as most players can play them fine - it's only with embedded site players that you then normally need to have the actual stream url.

and this is why i removed references to streampath in the example configurations for whenever a new update mythically happens.
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