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A working program and step by step instruction on how to get it done?

What Dj or Software Tech has a tutorial or any other web pages that knows how to connect Serato Dj to a LIVEStream Broadcast?
I have some Dj's on my station team that needs the help to get this setup. Is there anyone out there that knows how to get this done, what software to use, how to get it running or any comment on the setup.
Can someone help?
My research have come up empty so far, some have said the Virtual Audio Cables will work, others have said that Winamp may work, but the tutorial on these software are only showing shoutcast and Winamp on YouTube, I dont understand. Now it's time to reach out to others using the Serato Dj program, Live Broadcasting and Streaming to find the solution to this problem. I also have contacted Serato Dj company, they haven't design a plugin to cover this just yet.
Please reply by email if you can help and leave me the instruction on how we can get these Dj's broadcasting real soon.
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