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New preset collection for Winamp5.8

Today I've heard the news that a new Winamp release might be nearing:
Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post

Some people might be disappointed, as there isn't a whole heap of new features, mainly just replacements and fixes.
Hopefully, everyone else will be fairly happy though....

Still loads to do, but it's definitely in a very stable and usable state now :-)

Final testing stages first, so watch this space over the next few hours/days/weeks (delete as applicable).


ps. hopefully you didn't get auto-blocked for unfollowing me on twitter :-p
So i thought this might be an opportunity to ship some new and old presets. I suggest, i take Ryan Geiss favorite list and add my personal favorite selection. I'm also looking directly at you, Martin. I couldn't tell which ones by you were not supposed to be released like this. Just say if you have any obligations. I will have to go and sift through hundreds of my own mixes and mashes and reduce it to a best-of.
Anyway, this is a call for participation. Just add a zip file with your "must-haves" here.
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