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I have the same issue. Whenever I use a modern skin, e.g. Bento Big, Windows is prevented to shut down by Winamp until the app kill timout runs out and Windows forces Winamp to close (1-2 mins?). If I switch to classic skin the problem disappears. I can also shut down Winamp manually (clicking X on top right corner) no problem.

- Windows 7 x64 Home Edition (with newest security updates 2019.01.14)
- Winamp 5.8 beta build 3660 full en us
- Tried uninstalling Winamp and re-installing (fresh) using standard installation, no difference.
- Tried uninstalling 5.8 beta and installing 5.666 full en us, no difference.
- Tried uninstalling Avast antivirus free, no difference.
- Tried starting Winamp in safe-mode, no difference.

- Only difference so far is using Winamp in classic skin.

I started noticing this problem around new years 2018-2019, maybe December or January.

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