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"Search Results" Prevents Windows 7 Shutting Down

Hello WinAmp Community,

I'm just here to both identify this issue to the community, and put a post here for Google to redirect any other poor saps like myself here to save them some time.

My Windows 7 computer is running the latest (5.8.3660) build of WinAmp. I have notice that on shutdown, the system hangs on a phantom "Search Results" window or process. When I have task manager up, no such process exists. But there it is holding up my shutdown. Unless I hit "end now", the window would remain up for about 10-240 seconds, depending on how long I had been running WinAmp, then it would close and the computer would shut down. I did some tinkering and happened to figure out that when I closed WinAmp, the message immediately went away and the computer would shut down. So I'm going to just assert plainly that this is an issue with the current build in Windows 7.

Luckily I can use an AutoHotkey script with an OnExit subroutine that kills the process upon shutdown to avoid this from actually being an issue for me. Still, bad form, WinAmp. Bad form. lol. Again, not sure what it is, no "Search Results" thing exists as a process or description. It's only on shutdown does it come up with a message - and even then, no process matches the description. Anyways. Hope this helps someone.

Example AutoHotkey Script:

Process, Close, winamp.exe
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